Body Confidence

Let’s be honest… being body confident is hard, understandably so. Whether you are really skinny, overweight, or any of the body types in between, really loving our own bodies is a task not easily achieved. I myself struggled with this all throughout high school, and through three different fitness journey’s in which I was certain I needed to lose a minimum of thirty pounds before I could be happy.

I’ve never been “Plus size” or “under weight”, however I fluctuated through phases of my early adult life in which I believed I was one or the other, but never just right. The biggest problem that kept me from really loving the body I was in was this: I was always striving for a body other than the one I had. You can’t really love something that you are always trying to change.

I didn’t really achieve the closest I’ve ever been to complete body confidence until I stopped trying to change every little thing about my body. Instead, I started focusing on being healthy. Incredibly, once my focus was on something other than getting a flat tummy and thinner arms, I began to see changes. These changes weren’t just in my body, but also in my happiness and overall well being.

I know what you’re probably thinking – all of this sounds extremely cliche and over addressed. True or not, body confidence is a topic that needs to be talked about. While I grew up in a pretty body positive society, one that is becoming more and more body confident in many realms, I believe that most struggles with body confidence come from personal struggles, not always those put on us by society.

All body types are beautiful, and while I could preach this to you all day long, I know from personal experience that you aren’t really going to believe it. The only way you’ll really begin to believe this is by discovering it yourself, so I’m here to give you some tips to how I discovered it for myself.

Tip 1: Find healthy foods that you enjoy, and eat them as much as you want. For a very long time I was under the impression that I had to eat less to get the body I wanted. So in turn, I was eating very unhealthy amounts of food. By this, I mean I was still eating unhealthy foods, but very little amounts of them. Or the same with foods that were good for me. Once I found healthy foods I love – eggs, tomatoes, chicken, onions, spinach, ect. – and stopped caring how much of these foods I was eating, my body felt better, I found I had more energy, and my happiness level really increased.

Tip 2: When you are inevitably staring at yourself in the mirror for a long period of time, try finding things that you love about your body instead of the things that you hate. For me, this meant focusing on my thighs and upper torso instead of my lower belly and arms. Over a period of weeks I began to notice that I was looking in the mirror and praising my lower stomach along with my upper torso, loving the way I looked, even when there wasn’t really much change to how my body really looked.

Tip 3: Hold yourself like you know your beautiful. We all have days when we don’t feel really beautiful. Even the most confident don’t always feel that way. But try to always hold yourself as if you know you are a Goddess. Things that helped me with this was keeping my shoulders back and my back straight. Everyone has unflattering angles, and these are not the angles you are going to see plastered all over social medias, which we normally compare ourselves to (a discussion for another day). Also, holding yourself confidently will inevitably leak into your actual confidence over time.

Overall, body confidence comes from within and isn’t easily achieved, but is so much more than worth it. I am in no way promoting an unhealthy life style, however where ever you are in whatever journey you may be on, it is so important to love your body at every stage and at every moment. This is the only body you get, and come on, it’s gotten you this far, why not show it some appreciation?

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